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Man of All Trades …

Stories within this site include my life as a Chief Life Guard, Marine, Soldier, Track Star, Salesman, Ad Man, Actor,  Entrepreneur, Visionary in Vision business, Developer of Russian Business, Professional Gambler (Blackjack counter), Real Estate Broker,and, of course, husband and father.

Arnold Stream, Esq

These will be stories of a New York lawyer who deserved his own Boston Legal series. Arnold was my business and personal lawyer through a few dramatic decades. He was also partner of “Bushkin”, Johnny Carson’s lawyer, in Bushkin Gaims Gaimes & Stream. He represented a rather wide array of clients, from ad guys to […]

The Secret World of Jay & Day

This space will carry the story of how one of the most awarded commercial teams in history: 1. Came to be. 2. Created its illusions 3. Produced earth-shattering sales. 4. Lured Christian Cooper to be Jack Byrne’s wife. Here are a few of the thousands of messages imparted by Jay & Day. 19 Casey Stengle […]