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A Man in Briefs

  These will be short, short stories containing highlights of my long-winded life. Bob Hope Tony Bennett Rocky Graziano Vladimir Putin Gower Champion Tex Antoine Steve Gordon  Casey Stengel   BOB HOPE In 1967, as executive vice president of an advertising agency (Mogul Baker Byrne Weiss), I hired a one-time Hollywood actor named Roger Anderson. […]

The RIP Roarin’ Russian 90s!

If you ever wondered about how an aging American would dive into a burgeoning “mafiaocrasy” where partners were killed, enemies “taken out”, money easily made and, frequently, stolen and line-tapping was common and lying was a way of life, then, you have come to the right writing. The path that led me to spend nearly […]

Highs and Lows

Intro: Under this umbrella will be shiny and stormy moments, randomly accessed from faulty memory and organized in no particular logical order or significance. Skip around and enjoy. THE EARLIEST DAYS My first eight years were spent living amongst nearly a dozen “lace curtain” Irish: The Byrnes of 1326 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY. Growing up […]