In the beginning ….

… there was Henry Beirne (later Byrne) professing his love in a way that shamed all of us that “was to folla”  wearing his genes. Translation of the message:

“This is to certify I willingly profess that Ellen Kiernan is the only girl I love, and have ever loved purely and sincerely; and in professing the same, I declare, that I have not in the least exaggerated. On the contrary no words of mine can ever describe this passionate affection which I bear so silent for her sake. Hence, I pledge myself in her presence that neither wealth nor beauty will ever change my mind. Therefore, if Ellen is satisfied with my proposition, and accepts it, I will take her to my heart as soon as circumstances will permit and there make her the happiest girl ever embraced in the arms of man. I have finished – language can do more but sincerity can never cross this limit. Ellen’s consent will be given by signing her name at the foot of this pledge.” (Signed Henry Beirne – spelling of name changed in United States). (PS: Ellen did sign.)

(More about Henry and the rest of us later).

In 1895, my Grandfather proposed to my Grandmother. We Byrne folks have been trying to write as well ever since.





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