Barneys’ Satyrs in the New York Times

Jack Byrne and his partner Steve Baker in Mogul Baker Byrne Weiss totally transformed the store’s advertising approach to upgrade Barney’s Men’s Store image with unorthodox and inspirational messages such as this full-page ad in The New York Times comprised of ten words and two Satyrs. The words? ” Seventh Avenue and Seventeenth Street. Where did you get yours?”




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  1. Ron Michaels Avatar
    Ron Michaels

    Jack! It’s always great to hear from you. I’m sitting here with my wife and my youngest son (25) who is the age I was when I took the job in New York with INPRO and moved from Chicago to a new career and new life. I’m attaching a photo to give you an idea of who it is who walks in your office door when my wife and I get to New York.

    Take care of yourself, buddy!



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