Category: Snort Stories

  • An Unexpected Departure

    This is a story of Army Intelligence on a lower  intelligence  level. It was late spring in 1950,  at the time of rising conflicts on the  Korean peninsula. Having, as an 18-year old, enlisted in the Marine Corps during WWII, I decided, if I was going to serve during some Korean action, it should be in […]

  • Hot as a pistol!!!

    In the late 1960s, I was an ad man on Madison Avenue and commuting to Stamford, Connecticut. My hours were often quite late and my need for a drink (think drinks) quite strong. One night, returning home on a New Haven Railroad train leaving Grand Central Station at 11:05 PM, I found an improvised Bar […]

  • I Get a Kick out of Hugh! … and you … and you!

    Tex Antoine was TV’s most famous and influential weatherman. From early in the Fifties, he’d established his presence in New York . He had devised a presentation which utilized his considerable talent at character-sketching and for the first 20 years of his weather career built his weather-casts around his creation, Uncle Wethbee. By the time […]