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  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

  • Carma article in New York Times by Phil Doughterty

  • Don’t Go To Work Today Rev.

    Revision for “Don’t Go to Work Today.” created on 15 February, 2015 @ 17:17 [Autosave] Title Don’t Go to Work Today. Content In 1970, the New York City economy was not so hot and getting colder and the menswear industry was colder than that. Denim was hot, but tailored clothing was not, thanks to the […]

  • A Man in Briefs

      These will be short, short stories containing highlights of my long-winded life. Bob Hope Tony Bennett Rocky Graziano Vladimir Putin Gower Champion Tex Antoine Steve Gordon  Casey Stengel   BOB HOPE In 1967, as executive vice president of an advertising agency (Mogul Baker Byrne Weiss), I hired a one-time Hollywood actor named Roger Anderson. […]

  • Highs and Lows

    Intro: Under this umbrella will be shiny and stormy moments, randomly accessed from faulty memory and organized in no particular logical order or significance. Skip around and enjoy. THE EARLIEST DAYS My first eight years were spent living amongst nearly a dozen “lace curtain” Irish: The Byrnes of 1326 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY. Growing up […]

  • Man of All Trades …

    Stories within this site include my life as a Chief Life Guard, Marine, Soldier, Track Star, Salesman, Ad Man, Actor,  Entrepreneur, Visionary in Vision business, Developer of Russian Business, Professional Gambler (Blackjack counter), Real Estate Broker,and, of course, husband and father.

  • Arnold Stream, Esq

    These will be stories of a New York lawyer who deserved his own Boston Legal series. Arnold was my business and personal lawyer through a few dramatic decades. He was also partner of “Bushkin”, Johnny Carson’s lawyer, in Bushkin Gaims Gaimes & Stream. He represented a rather wide array of clients, from ad guys to […]

  • The Secret World of Jay & Day

    This space will carry the story of how one of the most awarded commercial teams in history: 1. Came to be. 2. Created its illusions 3. Produced earth-shattering sales. 4. Lured Christian Cooper to be Jack Byrne’s wife. Here are a few of the thousands of messages imparted by Jay & Day. 19 Casey Stengle […]

  • My brother, the shipper …

    These will be stories of having a protective and combative  older brother all your life who inspired and supported and  then died at least 20 years before his time . I remember him astride Buppo, my grandparent’s German Shepherd, his beret worn proudly and his leggings locked around the patient beast’s belly. I remember him […]

  • Diving for Delight and Danger.

    As intoxicating as cocaine and as stimulating to the brain, my most fulfilling experiences have been those spent a dozen or two fathoms under the surface of the sea. Here, I will tell of memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Some of the more memorable were diving with Skeet LaChance […]

  • King of the Capers!

    This will be the story of helping an apartment building neighbor capture a contract from one of the largest chemical companies in Germany, using an imaginary Board of Advisors and an old Rolex watch. The company was Giulini Chemie Gmbh in Mundenheim, south of  Ludwigshafen. The neighbor was a King.