Category: Words in Progress

  • My brother, the shipper …

    These will be stories of having a protective and combative  older brother all your life who inspired and supported and  then died at least 20 years before his time . I remember him astride Buppo, my grandparent’s German Shepherd, his beret worn proudly and his leggings locked around the patient beast’s belly. I remember him…

  • Diving for Delight and Danger.

    As intoxicating as cocaine and as stimulating to the brain, my most fulfilling experiences have been those spent a dozen or two fathoms under the surface of the sea. Here, I will tell of memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Some of the more memorable were diving with Skeet LaChance…

  • King of the Capers!

    This will be the story of helping an apartment building neighbor capture a contract from one of the largest chemical companies in Germany, using an imaginary Board of Advisors and an old Rolex watch. The company was Giulini Chemie Gmbh in Mundenheim, south of  Ludwigshafen. The neighbor was a King.

  • Seaman stories …

    These will be stories of working with Seaman Brothers brothers (Morty and Carl), and about Steve Gordon “10% off for love” commercials, Christian Cooper and Michel Davenport’s radio spokespersons, etc.     (To come) 23 Love Discount 24 Marathon Sale

  • Helping the Government Clear the Air …

    Story of working with the U.S.Department of Health, creating and producing public service announcements with the Johnny Mann Singers  … (to come)

  • “High Quality, Low Overhead…”

    Stories of obtaining and handling the large clothing chain, Robert Hall, highlighting its Spokesperson Team, including Christian Cooper, Michael Davenport, Ted Madison and (name to come) (commercial sample below, story to come) 25 _Rifle Range_

  • My Daughter, the Mother …

    This is the story of my daughter who grew up to be  the Mother of Many (sexes and species). (Story to come).

  • In the beginning ….

    … there was Henry Beirne (later Byrne) professing his love in a way that shamed all of us that “was to folla”  wearing his genes. Translation of the message: “This is to certify I willingly profess that Ellen Kiernan is the only girl I love, and have ever loved purely and sincerely; and in professing…

  • You are Pierre La Mure !!!

    This is about a woman who, once  her two boys were old enough to not need her guidance,  went to work as a telephone operator in Curtis Brown Ltd., famed British-owned literary agency. And, with less than a complete high school education,  became literary agent to Pierre LaMure, Ogden Nash, S. J. Perleman and others. Her name?…

  • Going Gaga!

    This is the story of my younger son, Kareem Devlin and of a father’s pride watching his  work effort lead him to be “Jesus”, lead guitarist for Lady Gaga. (Story to come)

  • The Rich and the Famous

    Here are people I have known well enough to be worth a story. I hope to write about all of them in posts to come: Ray Abruzzi (Bachelor’s III), Joey Adams (Columnist), Debbie Allen and Phylicia Allen (sisters with separate success paths), Woody Allen (sometime clarinetist), Fran Allison (Kukla, Fran & Ollie), Hardy Amies (Designer),…

  • The First Muggee….

    This is the story of interrupting a 40-year record of  non-molestation on one of the U.S. Army’s finest camps. Plus a few highlights of life in Army Intelligence. Fort Meade Md (See last segment of post “I GET A KICK OUT OF HUGH … AND YOU … AND YOU (in Snort Stories))

  • Life is a beach!

    True stories of life as Chief Life Guard of famed New York beach, Jacob Riis Park. Saving lives. Risking lives. Making moves. Making out. The whole Nine Yards. (Many stories to come)

  • My son, the producer…

    This is the story of my older son – a courageous entrepreneur who moved to an Island paradise and created and published every golfer’s dream magazine, the Maui Golf Review, created his own golf TV series, Da Game, and has embarked on a four-month solo bike tour of Southeast Asia and has lived (so far)…

  • An Intrepid Life in the Incubator ….

    This is a many-part story of the two-decade development of the world’s leading three-dimensional technology that never went to market even while collecting over $30 million in investment money amd equipment during that period. (Stories to come)

  • The Art of Buying Real Estate in the FSU.

    This is the story of how Jack bought a prime-location property in Kaunas, Lithuania for $40,000 but paid $350,000 in cash. (Story to come)

  • Garbage Disposal: Russian Style

    This will present a few examples (from when Jack was in Russia) of the simplistic way criminals went about disposing of unwanted bodies and parts of same. (See BUNKING THE BANKERS.) (Stories to come)

  • A Bunch of Clucks …

    This is the story of how Jack Byrne Advertising failed to get the chicken farmer’s account even though ten-years later, at Regine’s,  Frank Perdue introduced Jack as “The genius who knew I should do my own commercials five minutes after he met me!” (Story to come)

  • The Cotton Wars …

    This is the story of how the growers and commodity brokers went to war over foreign sales and fought it over the body of the head of Cotton Incorporporated, Dukes Wooters,  and how Jack enlisted the aid of “The Old Timer” to resolve the combat. (Story to come) 61 _The More Cotton The Better_

  • Reese’s Pieces …

    Stories of Jack’s ad relationships with child-star Mason Reese and how, as a couple of clowns,  they won the International Film and TV Festival Silver Award in 1973. (Stories to come)

  • “Too tied up to talk …”

    How Jack called Tony Bennett’s agent in a huff and was told by his secretary that she was “too tied up to talk…” Jack was less offended the next morning when he found out the agent’s office had been  in the process of being robbed and she was truly tied up (to her chair) by the…

  • “Howdy to The Good Folks at Dow Chemical”

    How Jack created a national radio show starring a legendary country music star and how, on the day he presented the concept to Dow Chemical for sponsorship, the press reported the star had “busted his wife in the jaw!” (Story to come)

  • Trumped by the Trumps

    How Jack and his partner son, John, created a brilliant campaign for Williams Island behalf of the owner who had called Jack a “Genius” for making him millions of dollars only to have the campaign rejected by the owner’s teen-aged daughter. (Story to come)

  • Ad Life’s a Beach!

    This is the story of how Jack Byrne and Stan Kovics took their creative challange to Puerto Rico and created an entire 20-ads campaign for Barney’s while playing in the sand, in the casino and in bed,  and then won the CLIO for the best print advertising in America. (Story to come)

  • Cast of Thousands!

    This is story of how Jack Byrne and Rocky Graziano cooked up a scheme to get a couple of thousand “actors” to work 12 hours for a Lee Myles Tee Shirt. (Story to Come with photos by Julius Spedale) m

  • Raised Fist up H.K. Smith’s Butt!

    This is story of Vince Matthews loss of his Olympic Gold medal for his shuffling during the play of the Star Spangled Banner and of H.K. Smith’s reaction and Jack Byrne’s counter-reaction. (Story to Come)

  • Bubka and Byrne Break a World Record.

    This is how Jack’s letter to the New York Times changed Madison Square Garden operations to better suit the needs of the participants in its track meets and helped Serge Bubka produce a World Record in the pole vault. (Story to Come)

  • “The most religious experience of my life …”

    This is the story of the break-through wedding of Jack Byrne to Christian Cooper and Bobby Short’s reaction to it.

  • “Stick his pencil in his ear …”

    This is story of getting the Robert Hall account and a tough president who resented an ad columnist, Bernie Gallagher, demeaning his company.

  • Byrne Roams while MJA Burns!

    This is the story of how Jack engineered a family move back to NYC (his hometown) from MJA’s Michigan office and included a tour of 35 nations in the trip.

  • Ya Buncha Crooks …!

    This will tell the tale of Lee Myles Transmission operators stealing engines and how Jack handled the franchisees who were upset (with the help of Rocky Graziano).